You need:

2 cables with crocodile clips at the end
1 coil
1 magnet (straight one)
1 microammetermore info

In the beginning the microammeter indicates  zero. If the magnet is moved into the coil, the microammeter gives some indication. As soon as the movement of the magnet stops, the indication of the  microammeter becomes zero again.

If the magnet is kept still and the coil is moved towards the magnet the microammeter will again give an indication. As soon as the movement stops the microammeter indicates zero again.
Conclusion: The induced current is the result of the movement of a magnet or a coil in relation to each other.

If for example the coil, the magnet and the microameter would have been in a moving train, but there was no movement of the magnet to the coil (or the opposite), the microammeter would indicate zero, although the coil and magnet would have been moving at a constant speed. Only if the magnet moves towards the coil or the coil towards the magnet microameter shows an indication.

Inside the coil the magnetic energy which comes from the movement of the magnet is converted into electrical energy. This creates an electric current. This current is measured by the microameter

Try to move the magnet more quickly and observe the indication of the ammeter

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