Today we cannot electrify Greece (or any other country) using only wind generators. This is due to several reasons:
1. Wind generators do not produce electrical energy when the wind stops.
2. Some types of wind generators also stop  when the speed of the wind is very high to avoid damages on the wings.
3. Too many of them are needed.
The wind generators should be placed in a very large area, (or in the sea)
4. Creating   is a very expensive enterprise both in terms of money and in terms of energy.
5. The need for electricity increases year by year, therefore, more and more wind generators should be installed. Though there are certain areas where the wind is constant and strong enough so as to be adequate to produce electrical energy
    Some minor problems are:
- Wind turbines make some noise, and thus must be placed at a certain distance from residential areas.
- For some people wind turbines are regarded as causing "visual pollution" and therefore cannot be placed near archaeological sites, in traditional villages and areas of rare natural beauty.